OccupyPGH- Rally/Protest Points

We all need to meet in Point park to organize groups. I think we should first establish what areas of Pittsburgh are tied into the corruption we wish to address.

Gulf Oil company owns GULF TOWER on Grant street. We should organize protests for corrupt gas policies there.

Koppers Tower on Seventh Ave is a major chemical and coal corporation called Koppers Chemical. One of Koppers’ leading products is coal tar, and the company made about one-third of the country’s coal tar in 2007. Research shows that the tar used in asphalt sealants to protect them wears away and deteriorates into contaminated dust that is tracked into homes and washed into streams and lakes. The makers of asphalt sealants, made with coal tar, which has been linked to cancer and other health problems, say that the products contain high levels of benzo(a)pyrene and other toxic chemicals known collectively as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. Yet, they claim that their products are not responsible for the environmental contamination learned in government studies…which we all know is BS. We should organize a group to occupy there.

BNY Mellon Center is also located on Grant street and is the building housed the global headquarters of the Mellon Financial Corporation, until the company merged with Bank of New York in 2007. The building now serves as one of the major offices for The Bank of New York Mellon.  A group should stand here to stand up against corrupt and greedy bankers…because seriously…why does this building need a rooftop heliport for bankers?

One, Two, and Three PNC Plaza was once home to global headquarters of numberous banks, Primarily PNC Financial Services. Wikipedia explains PNC as PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. is a U.S.-based financial services corporation, with assets (as of December 31, 2010) of approximately $264.3 billion.[2] PNC operations include a regional banking franchise operating primarily in fifteen states and the District of Columbia, specialized financial businesses serving companies andgovernment entities, and leading Turnkey Asset Management Program and processing businesses.
We can occupy these areas to stand up against wealth divide and encourage a move to a localized and democratic financial system, reform taxes so that they are progressive and provide goods, monetary gain and services for the people. Wonder how much in Taxes PNC paid last year? Keep wondering because the information was not released.

Most government buildings are located on Grant street, where we can organize a march for Worker Rights and jobs – all working-age people have the right to safe, just, non-discriminatory and dignified working conditions, a sustainable living wage, paid leave and economic protection. Government – all processes of the three branches of government should be accountable to international law, transparent and follow the rule of law, people have the right to participate in decisions which affect them. Elections – all citizens 18 and older have the right to vote without barriers, all candidates have the right to be heard and to run and all votes should be counted.

A list of where we can occupy are:

Parks and plazas

Downtown is home to numerous parks, large and small:

  • Point State Park at the tip of the Golden Triangle (our meeting/rally point)
  • Mellon Square located in the square between Oliver & Sixth avenues and Smithfield Street and William Penn Place
  • Market Square at Forbes Avenue & Market Street
  • Mellon Green located at Grant Street & Sixth Avenue
  • FirstSide Park located between Grant & Ross streets and First & Second avenues.
  • Katz Plaza at Penn Avenue & Seventh Street
  • Triangle Park bounded by Liberty Avenue, Fifth Avenue & Market Street
  • Allegheny Riverfront Park along the Allegheny River below Fort Duquesne Boulevard
  • North Shore Riverfront Park opposite Downtown along the Allegheny and Ohio rivers, part of the larger Three Rivers Park

Please Comment and provide input/thoughts/questions/concerns!

  1. One Gateway Center is also home to the UE, http://www.ueunion.org/ The United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers.

  2. “Government – all processes of the three branches of government should be accountable to international law, transparent and follow the rule of law, people have the right to participate in decisions which affect them.”

    This statement alone is quite concerning in regards to the mindset of this movement. It presupposes that our sovereignty is beholden to “international law” This is a very troubling and raises concerns about misplaced priorities.

    Are you saying out national sovereignty should be subordinate to NATO? Effectively giving unelected officials control of our national policies?

    Although the willingness of our fellow citizens to engage in public affairs is encouraging I fear that the initial platform and idea proposed are lacking actual detailed policy reform demands and appear to be liberal myopic rhetoric. Simply protesting against seemingly arbitrary institutions without a clear message is a tough sell.

    In my opinion we need to be exposing the privately controlled monetary system. However our activist have to understand in depth history of money and how its created, this is the fundamental problem of our society. THE COLLUSION OF GOVERNMENT AND MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS. This is called fascism. Intelligent researched articulation is the key people, not endorsement of world government and acquiescence to false paradigms created to control your world view. Denounce all political affiliations and start a real discourse in freedom. WORLD GOVERNMENT IS WHAT THE GLOBALIST WANT, DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR “HUMANITARIAN WARS”. THIS ECONOMIC MESS HAS BEEN ENGINEERED FOR DECADES, IT DIDN’T JUST HAPPEN. ITS A AGENDA.

  3. Marcellus Shale, Tom Corbett, Education — these are things that affect us here. Pittsburgh lost what 4,000 teahcers jobs because of Corbett’s “All children left behind” bill

  4. An FYI–

    Gulf Oil hasn’t occupied the Gulf Building (now Tower) since the late 1980’s. It was sold vacant (no tenants) to Rugby Realty at that time. I think that protesting there would be of no value.

    HOWEVER, UPMC Corporate offices are occupying multiple floors in the US Steel Building at 600 Grant St. IMHO, they are nothing but a giant corporation hiding under the “non-profit” blanket, Since they are pretty much a monopoly in town, as far as both health care AND insurance I think that would be a better point.

    Sorry if I’m repeating anything already out there.

    I’m just saying….

  5. How bout the Federal Reserve Bank!!! 717 Grant Street : http://goo.gl/wF1Kc

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