Notes from the GA: October 9

Notes on Agenda and Development of Proposals for the 2nd General Assembly of Occupy Pittsburgh


Agenda for Assemly: Establish a plan of action and its location for the October 15th demonstration/occupation, as well as to listen to proposals from other group bottom liners, established by the first General Assembly, time warranting.



Facilitator announced agenda for the 2nd General Assembly, introduced members of the of the facilitating team to the Assembly and explained their roles: vibes watchers, stack takers, note takers.


Two stack takers, one on each side. Raise your hand and catch their eye to get on stack.


Thanks to Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Please clean-up afterwards.


An announcement was made for a Sign-Making Blast for Thursday, Oct. 13 @ 6:00-9:00PM on the USW Building on Blvd. of the Allies and Stanwix.


An itinerary for priority proposals was established:

1. Action

2. Location

3. Legal


Rundown of consensus process. First proposals from working groups. Then comments and/or questions. Then stand asides, followed by blocks. If we do not reach consensus, we have the opportunity to have a vote.


Notes for this GA will be available in electronic form somewhere.


Proposals were then heard from the bottom-liner for Location, working with Action and Legal


Location Point Person:



I) The proposal acknowledged the contingents of the Assembly and Occupy Movement interested in committing to authorized and legally permitted demonstrations only.

II) The proposal acknowledged the contingents of the Assembly and the Occupy Movement that were interested in participating in both permit sanctioned and non-permit sanctioned marches.

III) The proposal acknowledged the contingents of the Assembly and the Occupy Movement interested in planned actions of civil disobedience to be determined at a later date, via a new Civil Disobedience work group.

IV) The proposal reiterated the decision of the 1st General Assembly’s commitment to non-violence.


V) The proposal then called for the Assembly to vote on authorizing a permit-sanctioned rally point and march, with locations yet to be determined, to start the demonstration at 10:00am on Oct. 15, 2011 running to 3:00pm the same day. Then calling for a second non-permit sanctioned march and rally to begin promptly at 4:00pm, allowing the members of the contingency who do not wish to participate time to get home. The second, non-sanctioned rally and march would transition directly in the forming of Pittsburgh’s occupation camp, at a location yet to be determined.



Point of Process (POP): Contention with exclusivity of different protest groups (I, II, III). Unpermitted is civil disobedience (c.v.)?


POP: Add indifference to protest contigents.


POP: 1st group is only permit, but no occupation?


That is a question, not a point of process.


POP: Can we clarify the different protest groups/contingents?


It is not illegal to be on sidewalks. Marching on the sidewalk without a permit is legal. The permit waiting period of the march is within 2 days of application, the city must respond by then. Permits do not cost money for free speech related protests. Fees waived.


Clarifying question. 3 actions, not to decide, but to provide opportunity for each *general crowd objection*


A speaker (on stack)  says that support is needed for people to be violent. To do what you want.


A speaker (on stack) is in favor of the two separate groups.


Discussion regarding fee for march.


A speaker talks about communities that can’t afford involvement with the law enforcement. Proposal for coordination with different groups as to minimize risk.


A speaker expresses support for protest groups I and II but problems with c.v.


Interested parties should create a c.v. WG


POP: Consensus was reached for nonviolence at 1st GA.


There is a nonviolence WG that will bring a proposal re nonviolence


Option for mic or people’s mic


A speaker talks on nonviolence, prepare for police violence legally and practically.


POP: Nonviolence is on agenda. Defer nonviolence discussion.


A speaker asks about support for location proposal.


Cutting off stack.


Is occupation a part of protest group III, c.v.?


If in a park, yes, if on consented private land, no.


A speaker says that c.v. implies nonviolence. Support for nonpermitted march if we can’t get permit.


A speaker disagrees with separate marches.


The marches are the same march with different times.


A speaker questions overlap between action and location groups.


Restatement of proposal.


The 3 different groups will create a WG.


Consensus was attempted. 1 member of the Assembly blocked the proposal.


There are 3 blocks.


One block moves to separate some actions from Occupy Pittsburgh.


POP: Blocks need noted and heard.


The other Block established a counter-proposal that for each separate action (permit and non-permit marches and rallies) consensus is attempted, and not passed an one single proposal because it is too complex for one proposal.


The Block was passed via group consensus.


Consensus reached.


The proposal for a permit-sanctioned march from 10:00am to 3:00pm on Oct. 15th was passed via consensus.


POP: Distinction between permit and c.v.


POP: c.v. means occupation


The discussion then transitioned into proposals via the Assembly body for locations to start of the permit-sanctioned march and rally.


POP: location/action confusion. Suggestion of action before location.


POP: Vote on permitted march location first.


POP: begin/end location of march.


Location PP: List of potential locations in case of denial.


Locations proposed:

– Point State Park

– Market Square

– 10th & Liberty (Liberty Center)

– Freedom Corner

– St in front of Citizens

– St in front of PNC


Straw poll on locations.


A speaker discusses nonviolent c.v. for heavily policed communities.


At 5:52PM we were notified that it is close to 6PM.


There are two police officers, one of which is wearing a white shirt.


At this time the meeting was adjourned due to time restraints and the current discussion tabled until the next General Assembly for Occupy Pittsburgh. Location, date and time to be immediately announced via social media when determined.


Announcements from WGs:


Food groups needs donations and volunteers.




Medics: Hoping for location information so they know where demonstrations will be, so they can be there. Hoping to set up somewhere as a base of operations.


Any donations, such as bandages, ace wraps, gloves, WATER


Medics will be wearing arm bands with cross.


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