Occupancy Awaits!

We need to set a common standard for this event, friends. Here is the proposal. Please read it. If you agree…simply state agree. Then we will know where we stand and how to move forward.

Meeting place : WITHOUT permit because it’s a freaking park and we will not be having a rally. Point State Park (PSP). October 15th, NOON.

At that time supporters will be given flyers describing the defining reasons behind the movement and why ALL ‘regular’ Americans are the 99%.

White t-shirts with OCCUPY on them are encouraged to show solidarity.

Signs describing why YOU are the 99%. Nothing hateful, discriminatory, or for the sole purpose of inciting negativity, PLEASE!

Dispersing to Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Downtown, South Side, Station Square, Oakland, etc. We will be walking in groups of no more than 20 so as not to be deemed a ‘mob’ or it be called an ‘illegal’ march without permits.

If you have small children, please consider walking with smaller groups for their safety.

Please…there is no need for screaming, yelling, or any other negative forms of communication. Pass out flyers to those willing to take them and answer people’s questions with respect. Do not make people who are unaware feel stupid. Please!

You DO NOT have to come PSP if you already have flyers and a t-shirt..walk wherever you want!

Remember this is a NON VIOLENT communication to other Americans who are not aware of the Occupy Movement.

More to come regarding an actual ‘occupation’ and where we may be able to do that. If you choose to bring tents, sleeping bags, etc please be aware that as of right now, to my knowledge it is NOT legal to camp anywhere in the city of Pittsburgh and you will probably be arrested.

**** If we cannot find a way to stay there night after night, we will simply continue to do this day after day**** We don’t have to sleep there to make a daily statement! Please do not let this discourage you!!!

Cameras and video are encouraged. Show the world what the Steel City is about! Remember friends….this is about Americans. This is about repairing what the corporate government has destroyed.

-by Coreen (thanks for all the help!)



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  1. It is really easy to get a permit and the city is more ilkely to support the movement if you get one. You can usually have a non profit to go through to get one. Have people pitch in 10 bucks a piece of 5 or whatever it is to have the funds for that. Legally everyone is okay and no one has to get hurt. If you look into the protest in Israel, they got permits to pretty much create tent city on one of the main blvds (rothschild blvd() in Tel Aviv and it quickly shot up to other permits around the city. It was something that the local government supported and would let things fly lets say an expired permit. The more we work with the local government and the laws the more chance we have of changing them.

  2. It would be great to some how when this movement got big to have it not turn into g20 protest where they broke windows and destroyed properties of hard working locals. Keep pittsburgh from being destroyed information while we occupy it and have peaceful protests.

  3. Agree to all comments in planning stage I post. Also, if you do want to try to get a permit through a non-profit try contacting Thomas Merton Center…just a thought

  4. Im curious about the strategy behind starting an occupation on a Saturday.

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